Monki Madness

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere you’ll find a collection of thoughts, ideas, and images I want to hang on to as future reference for things to do with and for the Monki.

Monki’s Amazon Wishlist

Star Wars Snowflakes – a collection of cut outs for making snowflakes from Star Wars figures and ships.

Baby Lit – a collection of cool books and other literary type things for the kidlet!

Radio Flyers – for their 100th anniversary, they “opened” a Kid’s Travel Agency featuring destinations you can only get to via the Radio Flyer!

Disney family – specifically a gingerbread Millennium Falcon!

Better Homes and Gardens has all sorts of neat stuff to make – including this list of mug cakes!

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Auxiliary Memory

Things I want to remember - James Wallace Harris


A little something for you.

Susane Colasanti - Blog

Author of 11 contemporary, realistic teen novels, NYC girl, and organization enthusiast.

It's Playing, Just With Research

Dr. Carrie's Research Outreach

Литературное кафе Марковича

“Литературное кафе” — блог Алексея Марковича, где автор выкладывает фото и видео со своих творческих встреч, а также спектакли, поставленные по его произведениям. MarkovichUniverse СОБАКА gmail ТОЧКА com

African Literature

Al Akhawayn University Fall 2017

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