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So a few month ago, I made a post about my own accountability. I was trying to lose weight and get rid of the belly and all that. And I’m still working on it, but I recently hit a milestone for me and I wanted to make an update to keep up with said accountability.

So, as of the end of May, about 4 months or so after I started this thing, I’m down a bit. This morning I weighed myself and for the first time in a LOOOOONG time, I was below 69 kilos (actually at 68.7 or 151 lbs). Now, the belly is still a bit there, and I’d still like to keep losing. It’s interesting… my goal weight keeps changing. Originally, I wanted to get down to 70-72 kilos and I’ve surpassed that. I have a feeling when I get down to 68.0 I might re-evaluate and start looking at 65. A month from now we’ll be on holiday, hanging with friends and family and celebrating my 50th birthday so I’m thinking the diet may fall apart for a few days here and there and it would be nice to have a little cushion.

And yet…

And yet I also know I’m not going to go completely crazy. Yes, I might indulge with a cheese fondue (if we can get away from Monki for an evening) but I won’t order cheese in general (too many calories). Same with nuts and pasta (I can’t believe we used to regularly eat a dish lovingly referred to as ‘cheesy pasta’ and that I actually stayed under 80 kilos!). I might indulge in a few desserts, but my mind has gotten into a certain mode where I’m really looking at the calories and so while I won’t be as strict as I normally am, I don’t think I will (or even could for that matter) eat completely like crap.

I’m already at the point where I’m going to have to buy a new wardrobe. Don’t want to overdo it.

Now I just need to get to work on the exercising to tone up a bit and I’ll be where I want to be.

How are you all doing?


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6 thoughts on “Weigh in

  1. You know what, this is amazing to hear!!! Keep it up and don’t overdo it 🙂 Bring Monki to me and you can have an evening out with your wifey 🙂

  2. AAron

    Chasing Monki around is also helping. Well done!

  3. velenkosini Mabunda

    Congrats. I have been using exercises from this book http://bit.ly/2snGG27 and eating my regular foods and still lost weight.

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