Review: Bloom County: The Complete Digital Library, Vol. 4

Bloom County: The Complete Digital Library, Vol. 4 Bloom County: The Complete Digital Library, Vol. 4 by Berkeley Breathed

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Going back to re-read these collections is like visiting an old friend. In this 4th of the yearly volumes you can see Breathed is hitting his stride. The characters are really in place and the softball political humor is in the strike-zone (don't get me wrong, a softball can still hurt if it hits you, but won't do any permanent damage and that's exactly what the politics is here).

It's fascinating, too, to read these some 32 years later and see which jokes and gags fall flat and which are eerily still relevant or even prescient. Since this was 1984, we get a nice look at the election, which resonates beautifully with today. We wrap up with Oliver getting a Banana 6000 for Christmas, not knowing what Apple would become.

All in all, Breathed remains a light which shines no matter how dark everything else may be.

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One thought on “Review: Bloom County: The Complete Digital Library, Vol. 4

  1. Shazz

    Hi Jaq – due to some unpleasantness, I had to ditch my previous Twitter account (which I had thought was sooooo anonymous). I’m now @UnashamedBaker and I tried to send you a message but it didn’t work.
    Still trying to keep up with yer life (which is *so* much more interesting than mine!)

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