Thoughts for a Sunday MorningWhen I was younger (and maybe not so much younger) I tried to learn from everyone and everything around me. Tossed off comments by people who knew more than I did became like little nuggets of intellectual gold I would horde.

Lessons I was shown once, when it came to things I was interested in, would stay with me. These weren’t formal lessons, although I remember those as well. No, these were just bits of advice, tips and tricks, what the Internet today would call “Hacks.” 

To be fair, things I was interested in is a wide and varied lake I continue to swim in.  What I’m wondering is maybe I’m more attuned to picking out the wheat from the chaff? With students, young people, today, do they rely too much on the static structure of classroom education that they can’t see “life hacks” when shown them? Do they consider these tricks mere corrections to their current behavior to be forgotten once it’s fixed or as the rumbling of an adult who just doesn’t get it?

What do you think?

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One thought on “Learning

  1. I think quite the contrary – to me the “today” students are either bored with usual classroom education and the system (unless it’s some reaaaally interesting/unique/fun subject) that they’re much more willing to use their own or their peers’ methods which are, in essence, an equivalent to “life hacks”. Also, I believe the current youth is either somewhat lazy or accustomed to getting/wanting things fast – and there’s nothing wrong with that, because that simply saves time and energy which could be spent either somewhere else or used for leisure – so that they actually embrace as much of such hacks as possible.

    On the other hand, I think young people sometimes, perhaps even a bit too often, somewhat too proud to take others’ advice – simply because it wasn’t their own idea and it might be a matter of principle. I know I act like that, way too much than the effective amount.

    So it all kinda boils down to “it depends” type of thing – depends on specific person in terms of their attitude and on how serious the thing is to use the advice for – either “oh sure, it should make my life a tiny bit easier” or “this is serious stuff, so I wanna do it my way”.

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